What’s a Dalmador? No, I didn’t make that up.

My dog is simply Dalmador-able. Sure, she is. And nope.  I did not just invent that word.

Hybrid, or mixed-breed dogs have become both posh and popular these days. Maybe you’ve heard of Cock-a-Poos and Labradoodles. Actually, countless designer dog breeds now exist.

See what they’ve done? They’ve made mutts sound marvelous. (Some of us already knew that, without the fancy mixed-breed names.)

Maybe you can figure out these mixes:  Borador, Cavapoo, Chiweenee, Chug, Corkie, Goldendoodle, Peke-a-Poo, Schnoodle, and St. Weiler.

So, here’s a cheer for the Dalmador.

This fun design is available on all sorts of apparel, gifts, and household products – exclusively on CafePress. I’ve become a fan of that site. Recently, I ordered a custom-printed sweatshirt, and they shipped it the next day.

Sounds like someone knows how to “Fetch.”

What’s a Dalmador?
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Dalmador-able product photo
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