Using toilet-cleaning tablets? Please shut the lid!

Dogs drink from toilets. No matter how we try to train them not to do this, most of them keep on trying.

Maybe it’s not dangerous or disease-causing. Hey, a clean flushed toilet (especially at home) is a whole lot more sanitary than most of the outdoor spots from which plenty of thirsty pooches slurp. But it still grosses us out.

Lots of pet experts claim toilet water is pretty safe for pets. The porcelain fixture keeps the water cool. Flushing makes it fresh. 

Most dogs don't drink from fountains. But they tend to try the toilet.

One warning is clear. If the water is blue, it’s not right for pets. Toilet-cleaning tablets and tank cleaners contain chemicals (like bleach or ammonia, plus dyes) that pets can do better without. Here are a few examples:

Go ahead and use these convenient toilet treatment products. But please protect those pets. Though we may grimace, the potty may be more potable to pets than most ponds or puddles … unless the water is blue. So, if you drop cleaning products into the toilet tank, please be sure to keep the lid closed.

Dogs drink from all sorts of spots, clean and dirty.
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