Can KONG Comfort Dog Harness & Traffic Loop get a good grip?

Is the KONG Control Grip Harness a quality product and a useful canine training and exercise tool?

I purchased this super-sturdy padded dog harness in medium in blue for my youthful Labrador-cross, hoping it would help with our cross-country runs and long trail walks.

Like the well-known KONG dog collars, the KONG Comfort Control Grip Harness is constructed of thick, wide neoprene webbing with heavy-duty plastic (backpack-like) snap clips. The straps are adjustable to fit individual dogs.

Each harness features two metal D-rings – one sitting on the dog’s chest (right under his neck), and the other placed on his mid-back (just behind the looped catch-handle to accommodate a dog leash.

In contrast to most dog harnesses, the KONG Control Grip Harness boasts snap clips to fasten it on both sides of the dog’s back for easier fitting and use.

Retailing around $40 (or perhaps less for the smaller sizes), the KONG Comfort Control Grip Harness is available in red, blue, green, and purple. This product comes in four sizes:

  • Extra-Small: 5/8” x 12”-18”
  • Small: 5/8” x 16”-24”
  • Medium: 1” x 20”-30”
  • Large: 1” x 24”-38”

The most critical measurement is around the dog’s girth, directly behind his armpits.

Overall, this seems to be a rugged, quality dog product. Properly adjusted, it appears to be comfortable for a dog to wear.

What are the potential drawbacks of the KONG Comfort Control Grip Harness?

This dog harness, even carefully adjusted to fit, may slip and spin somewhat around a dog. I have heard complaints from other dog owners of their pets’ developing belly and armpit rashes, if their halters were left on for long periods of time.

Other pet owners have pointed out that their canines were able to reach the back loop and chew it, essentially ruining the dog harness.

However, dog harnesses are generally intended for outings, training periods, and exercise sessions, not for full-time wearing. The product tag actually reads:

“Caution: Not for tie-out.”

Personally, I have found the most significant drawback of the KONG Comfort Control Grip Harness to be the metal ring placements. The front ring tends to tug directly on the dog’s throat in a particularly vulnerable spot (unlike a collar, chain, or strap). The back ring, when attached to a leash, actually encourages an energetic dog to lean and pull.

However, I have found KONG Comfort Control Grip Harness particularly handy for those occasions when I must take my dog into high-stimulus situations, such as a local parade or a dog-friendly sporting event.

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