Thanksgiving Greetings 2015 from Fad to the Bone

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving, all our US readers. 

Here's a timely warning for pet lovers: 16 Holiday feasting do's and don'ts for pets." Please bear in mind that turkey bones, chocolate, and lots of other festive foods humans enjoy can be perilous for pets. A simple wishbone can quickly become a scary emergency vet visit.

Greetings all around.


Packing list for dog boarding

Are you planning to board your dog in a kennel while you travel for the holidays or a vacation? What essential canine care items do you need to pack?

Consider this checklist, whether you are boarding your dog in a professional kennel or simply stashing him with a friend or family member:

  1. Collar and leash
  2. Crate or pet carrier
  3. Dog coat or outerwear/blanket
  4. First aid kit or supplies
  5. Food dish and water bowl
  6. Grooming brush and comb
  7. Housebreaking pads (for a puppy)
  8. ID tags
  9. Shedding blade
  10. Toys
  11. Treats
  12. Vaccination records

Most dog kennels have their own rules and suggestions pertaining to clients’ packing for short or extended stays. Some dog boarding facilities insist upon use of their own food and water dishes, dog beds, or other items. Many kennels do not encourage pet owners to bring their own dog toys. It’s always a good idea to ask ahead of time before packing up the pup and his supplies.

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