Dog adopters are a rare breed indeed.

Reputable and ethical dog breeders do exist. I’m not bashing them at all when I suggest that pet adoption is often a wonderful way to add a dear dog to the household. The best-loved family pets may be pedigreed or not.

My own dog was a rescue. She’s a mixed-breed canine with a little Labrador, a share of Dalmatian, and a smattering of Collie in her. The rest of her heritage is altogether unknown. But we don’t care. She’s dear, and she is staying.

We don’t know much about our dog’s beginnings, except that a couple of nice ladies found a litter of puppies, abandoned by the side of a highway, and took them to a pet rescue organization.

As we understand it, all of her litter mates were also adopted.

Gotta love a happy ending.

Here’s a design I love – especially for those who have adopted pets. It’s found on tee shirts, tote bags, caps, coffee mugs, and tons of other apparel and gift items at CafePress.

I recently picked up the Dog Adoption baseball cap, and I wear it proudly.

Dog adopters are a rare breed.

Pet adopters are a rare breed
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