What do you wear to walk the dog?

There’s no rule that says a pet owner has to put on the dog, just to go for a walk with his or her canine companion. Sure, some folks like to unleash their inner fashionistas for such strolls, decking themselves out in their Sunday bests.

Not me. I’m one of those uber-casual dog walkers. I don’t venture forth in pajamas, but I’ve been known to take a jaunt around the block in dumpy sweats, grubby jeans, or running clothes.

Hey, my dog is happy just to be out and about.

If I plan ahead, I like to have pockets (for those pickup baggies). And I always choose comfortable walking shoes. But that’s as far as my dog walking apparel thoughts wander.

What’s your favorite dog walking outfit?

 Vintage dog walking photo
 courtesy of Sepia Saturday

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