Slow feed dog bowls make mealtime more fun

Mealtime is serious business for dogs, but who says it cannot also be something of a game? Bright-colored food-safe plastic molded dog dishes with squiggly or maze-like designs are making the scene in many homes.

The idea behind slow feed dog bowls is that the intriguing molded plastic designs are supposed to prevent dogs from bolting down their food. Slower eating is likely to prevent bloat and promote healthier digestion. Apparently, promotional veterinarians have recommended such serving-ware for canines.
Outward Hound Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Do slow feed dog bowls really slow down hungry dogs?

Maybe they do, but it looks like we’re talking a matter of seconds here, at least in my house. My dogs manage to eat promptly, once their dishes hit the floor. But they do seem to enjoy the process!

Personally, I like that these slow feed dog dishes are sturdy and solid, with non-slip bases. Generally priced between $10 and $20, they come in multiple sizes and colors and inner patterns, so it’s easy to tell which dish belongs to which dog (for portion control and customized feeding of multiple dogs). And they hold up to countless dishwasher cycles.

Harmony Mint Plastic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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