Why pay for dog poop baggies?

Sometimes a freebie can be a genuine pick-me-up. Take dog poop bags, for example. 

Responsible dog owners pick up after their pets, especially when out and about. OK, we knew that. But how?

Sure, you can purchase handy, specially designed dog droppings bags. You can even buy pretty scented dog doo disposal bags, bearing lavender or other fine fragrances. They’re not even all that expensive.

If you wish, you can buy a clip-on or belt loop dispenser for dog doo bags. I usually just stick mine in a pocket or tie one to my belt.

You can also shop around for containers for keeping those tiny trash bags.

Still, I’d rather save my chips for something else – like dog treats or toys.

Here’s a scoop for dog lovers.

Why not save those disposable plastic shopping bags and use them for picking up dog droppings? Just be sure the bags are solid and sturdy and untorn. (My neighbor, the professional dog walker, has some stories to tell about this. But you can likely guess.)

Where can you keep those plastic bags for dog walking?

I saved a cardboard canister from powdered iced tea mix. By cutting a hole in the plastic lid, I easily made a very handy plastic bag receptacle, which I keep by the back door. Every time I leash my dog for a stroll, I grab a baggie. Then we are ready for anything, and it didn’t cost me a penny.

Photo by LAN / Nickers and Ink
Used by permission

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