Are Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toys packed with fun?

What’s the story on those popular Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toys? Are these floppy plush pet playthings as filled with fun as folks say? Are they tidier than fluff-containing alternatives?

These “As Seen on TV” animal toys, distributed by Telebrands, are available in several varieties, including:

Made in China, Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toys are constructed in hand-washable reinforced plush fur. Each toy measures approximately 20 inches long and contains two squeakers. (Actually, the Duck toy I purchased was smaller and held just one squeaker.)

Each Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toy retails for approximately $20, but it’s pretty easy to find discounts online and in pet stores. I picked up the Duck, Fox, and Rabbit in a three-for-two deal, paying a whole lot less, during a PetSmart sale.

A Crazy Critters Six-Pack Stuffing-Free Dog Toys Variety Pack is also available – for bulk shoppers, multi-pet owners, or smart dog lover holiday gift givers.

How appealing is the Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toy to a canine?

My feisty mixed-breed dog immediately took to each of the toys. Initially, I rationed the toys, offering her one at a time. She carried a lightweight, floppy Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toy with her everywhere for several days.

Eventually, my pup dug out the squeaker from each Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toy. She also tugged and dug and chewed and tore each toy, leaving bits of colored plush fur all over the house.

But, on the plus side, the plush did not discolor carpeting or furniture, even when it was soggy with dog spit. And the intentional lack of stuffing kept cleanup to a minimum, compared to other plush toy casualties we have experienced around the house.

And even in their tattered and squeak-less condition, my pet’s Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toys are still among her favorite playthings.

At approximately $5 apiece (on sale), our Crazy Critters Stuffing-Free Dog Toys were a good deal. At $20 per animal, perhaps not so much.

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