Are elk antlers safe as dog chew toys?

OK, I admit it. My nine-month-old Labrador mix pup is a pretty assertive chewer.  She’s gone through more chew toys than I can count.

That’s why I followed a friend’s recommendation and popped for a medium-sized $9 all-natural elk antler piece for her to chew. The friend pointed out that her own dog had enjoyed a single elk antler for more than six months.

She loved it. In fact, she wouldn’t leave the elk antler chew alone. It kept her busy, happily gnawing away, for longer than any toy she has ever tried.

However, within a day, this is what her all-natural elk antler looked like.

Not exactly a bargain to sink one’s teeth into.

After a day of chewing, my dog’s elk antler piece looks as dangerous as a turkey bone, having broken into multiple extra-sharp pieces. I had to take it away from her and toss it in the trash, for her safety’s sake.

Maybe all-natural elk antlers are safer for older dogs, who are not teething and don’t tend to chew so assertively. Perhaps the bigger elk antlers are worth the extra money, if they don’t break apart so easily. Still, I have to wonder.
But I guess I won’t be dropping any more bucks for elk antlers anytime soon.

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LAN for Fad to the Bone

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  1. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post. We give our toy poodle chicken rawhide flavored bones, like the type sold are Target. When she chews them she seems to get exhausted, we presume it was from playing with them and chewing so hard. However, we took them away just to be sure, how we can know if they are safe to return to her, she loves them.