Is the Nylabone Dental Ring worth sinking teeth into?

Having tossed out far too many chew toys for dogs, I opted to buy a few Nylabone products. These canine dental bones and playthings are known for generally holding up a lot longer than some of the cheaper versions.

This one was an immediate favorite for our puppy.

The white-and-green zig-zag striped and knotted rope ring (constructed of cotton and nylon) includes a hard plastic nubby medallion with mint flavoring. I didn’t know how Little Big Dog (a Lab mix puppy) would react to the mint feature, but she took to it right away.

The nubby texture is supposed to help with the dog’s dental health, by cutting down on tartar buildup on the teeth.

Does the Nylabone Dental Ring offer enough bite for the buck?

Here’s what ours looks like, after a week of use by Little Big Dog, who is given to enthusiastic gnawing and playing. At this point in her life, she gives chew toys a real workout.

Compared to the Nylabone Dental Rope, the ring seems considerably stronger and more durable. Little Big Dog went through the rope in a couple of days. Although the rope ring shows some signs of wear, it is holding up fairly well.

The Nylabone Dental Ring retails for close to $15, but I picked it up on sale for $5.99.That made it a pretty good deal.

Nylabone Dental Ring
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