Is Comfy Pooch's Orthopedic Crate Mat a plus?

Scooped up as a sale bargain for about $16, although it normally retails for $30 or more, the Comfy Pooch Orthopedic Crate Mat from Home Dynamix is a soft, but seemingly sturdy flat bed for dogs. Made in China, it measures 24” by 34” (61 cm x 86 cm) and is constructed of 100 percent polyester with 100 percent polyurethane filling.

This really is a comfy little dog bed. The non-bolstered design makes it ideal for a less-than-tiny dog.

I brought it home, and my two-year-old Lab mix rescue stepped right onto it and curled up merrily. I was sure it was gonna be a hit. So I tucked the mat inside her crate, where she tends to nestle in for most nights.


The product instructions indicate the Comfy Pooch Orthopedic Crate Mat is machine-washable, but we never got that far. My pup destroyed the thing the first night she slept on it. For days, I was concerned about possible internal blockages, as she likely ingested plenty of the mat’s foam stuffing.

And, although I picked up as much of the shredded pet mat debris as I could find and vacuumed all over (while trying not to focus on the fact that I was essentially vacuuming up about $16), I’ve been discovering errant pieces of it in all sorts of strange nooks and crannies of my house ever since.

So, at least for now, the Comfy Pooch Orthopedic Crate Mat isn’t exactly a smart investment in this house. It’s not really the manufacturer’s fault, although it would surely be nice to see someone developing a chew-proof, shred-proof, comfortable doggy bed.

Besides, the pup seems plenty happy to make her nightly nest on the same tattered old polarfleece blanket she’s used since she arrived.

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