Lookin' at Leaps and Bounds 3 Knot Multi-Color Rope Dog Toy

Colorful braided cotton rope dog toys are popular for toss-and-fetch, tug-of-war, and other pet and owner games. This sturdy one from Leaps and Bounds is a good pick. It holds up well to reasonably rough play.

The three-knot multi-color braided rope toy is actually somewhat heavier than others we have used. For this reason it is easy to hold and throw a considerable distance.

The knots are strong and weighty, so it’s important to be careful not to whack oneself or one’s pet inadvertently in the process. (Trust me on this one. I have a shin bruise to prove it.) Priced between $4.50 and $6.50 (depending on current offers), the Leaps and Bounds 3 Knot Multi-Color Rope Dog Toy is available from Petco and certain online sources.

Leaps and Bounds also offers braided knot dog toys with two knots, five knots, and three knots and a tennis ball. There’s also a looped version with a sturdy grip handle. Prices vary.

Overall, the quality level seems acceptable. We’ve had cheaper versions of the same sort of toy (from other manufacturers) that were flimsy to hold and throw and didn’t last long. This product is a pleasant surprise.

Our high-energy two-year-old Lab mix has played with this rope toy for a few weeks now without shredding it into dangerous choking-hazard threads. That's a big plus.

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