Hey, Santa - Rescue dogs make great gifts!

Pet adoption offers a great way to present a loved one with an adorable dog for the holidays, while supporting animal welfare efforts. Rescue organizations and animal shelters tend to overflow with pets needing forever homes, particularly in the winter months. Pet surrenders may be plentiful, leaving lots of dogs waiting for animal lovers to take them in.

Please don’t give your pet-buying business to puppy mills or to any pet stores that do business with them.

If you aren’t dead-set on finding a pure-bred, pedigreed pooch, why not check out a local or regional pet rescue organization? You might find the perfect pet!

We adopted a mixed-breed puppy from a pet rescue group a few years ago, and she has turned out to be a wonderful addition to the family.  


Taking in a rescue dog isn’t free. In fact, it can cost a couple hundred dollars or more. But the cost often includes at least one set of veterinary vaccinations and possibly spaying or neutering of the pet (if that has not already been done). It’s generally a fair proposition, if one is dealing with a reputable organization.

Rescue dogs rule. They make wonderful pets.

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