Should you take your pet along on holiday trips?

Is it practical and courteous for a pet owner to tote an animal on a visit to a family member or friend’s home? 

A handy and affordable eBook offers helpful pointers for dealing with this question. Available on Kindle (and Kindle apps), 10 courtesy tips for taking a pet to a host’s home: Is it polite to pack a pet along for a visit in another’s residence?, by Linda Ann Nickerson, has answers.

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This little book presents a checklist with “10 key reminders for pet-owning houseguests.” Topics include asking for permission in advance, planning and packing smartly, and caring for pets appropriately on-site.

Similar principles apply to dogs and cats and other sorts of pets.

A quick read, 10 courtesy tips for taking a pet to a host’s home is more-than-worth a couple of bucks, as its content may help pet owners from stepping in you-know-what (in terms of etiquette and pet care) or tromping on loved ones’ toes.

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