Is canned dog food best for your pet?

Dog owners, canine nutritionists, and veterinarians possess varying opinions, when it comes to recommending the best dog foods.

Generally, dog foods are produced in three basic forms: canned, dry, or semi-moist.

Canned food may look and smell the most appealing to dogs, as the fragrant juices attract the canine appetite. Many canned dog foods are chunky, resembling real meats.

However, dogs that eat only canned food long-term may miss out on the dental health benefits of crunching kibbles. This soft food form does not offer dogs the opportunity to crunch and munch, which can help keep teeth and gums in better shape.

Gum disease can lead to serious health problems in dogs, potentially affecting the kidneys, liver, and other internal organs.

For this reason, plenty of dog owners who do choose to provide canned food for their canines opt to supplement feedings with crunchy dog treats. Others may alternate feedings, giving their dogs both wet and dry forms of nutrition.

Puppies, especially teething puppies, may need more crunchiness in their food than canned food is able to provide.

Certainly, when a dog is recovering from major surgery or dealing with medical special needs, a veterinarian may recommend a special or prescription canned food diet – at least for a specified period of time.

Here are a few popular canned dog foods, representing a wide range of brands and prices.

This post represents one installment in a three-part blog series on various dog food formats: canned, dry, and semi-moist. Be sure to c’mon back and check out the rest of the pack.

Essentially, all three forms of dog food may contain healthy nutrition, depending upon the individual canine food products selected. The choice may depend largely on personal preference and smart label reading by dog owners.

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