Is semi-moist dog food best for your pet?

Do you prefer semi-moist, canned, or dry dog food? What does your dog like best, and what is the healthiest for him or her?

Semi-moist dog food is perhaps the most convenient of all three basic forms of canine nutrition. Each serving comes in a handy disposable packet or pouch.

This dog food choice also tends to be the most expensive, and it may contain more additives (such as preservatives) than canned or dry varieties. Usually, semi-moist dog food is approximately 30 percent water.

Semi-moist dog food has been the subject of more than a few pet food recalls (for possible contaminations or spoilages) in recent years as well, especially with products offered by foreign manufacturers with varying quality control standards. Perhaps for this reason, this type of dog food may be difficult to find at local retailers or online.

Plenty of pet owners pack semi-moist dog food or treats for quick trips, out-of-the-home visits, and traveling. Others choose these savory morsels for use as treats and training rewards, instead of their dogs’ primary diets.

Here are a few popular semi-moist dog foods, representing a wide range of brands and prices.

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