Is dry dog food best for your pet?

Dry dog food tends to be the most popular choice for canine nutrition. This form of feed is available in nearly unlimited flavor choices at a wide range of prices. It’s easily stored and simple to use.

From generics and store brands to mid-range choices and even high-priced designer and gourmet feeds, dry dog food options abound.

Unlike canned or semi-moist dog foods, dry feeds can actually help maintain a canine’s dental health. Crunching and chewing on kibbles tends to reduce tartar and buildup on a dog’s teeth. Dogs also enjoy the process, as every dog owner well knows.

Because dry dog feeds are not filled with water, they may be more nutritionally rich (by the pound) than other options. Of course, this means dogs who consume this type of food must be offered sufficient supplies of fresh drinking water to aid in digestion and to ensure proper hydration.

Dry dog food is easy to store, as long as it is kept in a well-sealed container, so it remains dry and fresh.

Here is an assortment of popular dry dog foods, representing a wide range of brands and prices.

Puppy with Dry Food –

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