Kolossal K9 collars are cute, clever and cause-worthy

A pet-loving friend just introduced me to these cool dog collars, produced by a creative Florida dog fan. Sales of these canine collars support K-9 units, especially in the Sunshine State.

Available from Kolossal K9, the home-crafted collars are specifically tailored for larger dogs.

Constructed of ribbons, the collar designs include patriotic, birthday, autism awareness, and more. Tie dyes, polka dots, stripes, paisleys, and additional patterns are also available.

Each Kolossal K9 collar is equipped with a heavy duty plasticsnap clip and a metal ring (for use with dog tags and leashes).

Custom Kolossal K9 dog collars are currently priced at $10 for one, $18 for two, and $25 for three. (Dog lovers need to double-check before ordering, and pricing is subject to change over time.)

Currently,  sales of Kolossal K9 dog collars help to support K9s for Warriors.

Pretty neat stuff.

Although I have not actually seen these collars in person, they look to be well made and durable, with a sturdy lining and double-sided top-stitching.

NOTE: This blogger has no affiliation with Kolossal K9 and received no remuneration or reward for this post.

Kolossal K9
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  1. I've got a pink one for our German Shepherd on the way!