Does Petchup cater to dogs' picky palates?

Petchup is billed as a “nutritional condiment edible pet treat.”

OK, sometimes we just gotta ask:  “Are they kidding?”

What is Petchup?

According to the product label and company website, The Original Petchup Condiment for Dogs contains some 22 minerals, vitamins, and other goodies for canine health. It’s low-calorie, gluten-free, and sugar-free. It also has glucosamine and Omega 3, 6, and 9.

That’s all good, right?.

Plus, Petchup is beef-flavored. 

Take a look at the company's own promotional video for Petchup:



This begs a question … or two.

“Pardon me. Have you any Grey Poupon?”
“Nope. But would you like some Petchup with that?”

Perhaps Petchup is a helpful product for coaxing older, underweight, picky palate, or appetite-challenged dogs to eat.

“Here, Old Doggy. Let me spurt some of this stuff on your kibbles. C’mon, now. You know you want to chow down now.”

Maybe that works.

But for the vast majority of the canine population, which tends to be food-motivated as a general rule, it seems somewhat superfluous to drop $7 to $12 (plus tax) on a condiment for dog food.

That’s a lot of kibbles.

We have a couple of dogs who are absolutely, positively, and decidedly NOT picky eaters. And we sure don’t want to coax them in that direction by dressing up their food these days. If the time should ever come when they need a bit of extra motivation to consume their canine chows, then we might reach for something like Petchup. In the meantime, we’ll probably pass.

But for those who love it, the company also offers turkey-flavored Muttstard for dogs, as well as salmon-flavored Catchup and turkey-flavored Meowstard for cats. And apparently a Woofteshire sauce is also in the works.

Hot dog! And pass the Petchup.

NOTE: This blogger has no affiliation with the manufacturer or marketers of this product and received no remuneration or reward for this post.


Product photo by LAN/Nickers and Ink Creative Communications
Used by permission.

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