Chewy chew toys are not for puppies

Lesson learned. Well, duh.

OK, it’s been a while since I had a puppy in the house, and now I have a spunky and quirky one. And she loves her toys, especially the squishy and squeaky ones.

Know how we figured that out?

Besides the never-ending squeaking noises throughout her playtime moments, I’ve been picking up bits and pieces of frayed cotton roping and colorful rubbery plastic bits all over the house.

Sure, she loved these toys. She loved EATING them!

Chewy chew toys may be fun for puppies, but they sure aren’t practical!

Not at this stage. Maybe when she outgrows that whole puppy teething process.

Having tossed out more same-day-purchase shredded dog toys, I have now invested in an ample stock of solid Nylabone chew toys in various shapes and colors. The perky pup can gnaw and toss and grind and chomp to her heart’s content.

I’ve got her number now. She has a nice set of Dental Chews. And they are mostly Large, so they should keep her busy for a while.

Puppy with Toy Ball by Renesj - StockXchng

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