Canine Carry Outs are cool with the Kong

Sometimes stuff just works.

My puppy loves working dog treats out of her Kong toy. And the process usually buys me just enough time to creep out of the room, while she settles in her crate for puppy nap-time.

Of course, the Kong has to contain the right size and shape of treat to make it challenging. I’ve tried all kinds of dog cookies and meaty morsels. Some simply fall out of the Kong.

What fun is that?

Finally, I found treats that do the trick.

Canine Carry Outs are just the right fit for the Kong. And they come in a bunch of savory flavors, like bacon, beef, and chicken.

My puppy’s pretty much got this game down. When she hears the zipper-sealed pouch crinkling, she stands eagerly by her crate, ready to duck in, as soon as I toss in the filled Kong.

Call it a winner.

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